• Early Responders

    Beginning in 2005, JHAS has been on the front lines of responding to various emergencies across the MENA region.

  • Capacity Building

    While we specialize in health care delivery, we also frequently train on NGO management, cultural sensitivity in refugee camps, and other areas of concern for organizations seeking to assist.

  • Providing Basic Health Services

    While JHAS provides health services to all peoples regardless of their background, we believe it is our responsibility to especially focus on those most affected by regional conflict and humanitarian disaster.

  • Maintaining Quality of Life

    We believe that our responsibility is not simply in treating and responding to medical needs, but ensuring that those under our care have the ability and are empowered to live healthier and better lives after they leave our clinics.

  • Maintaining a Global Humanitarian Network

    JHAS believes firmly in the need for international cooperation in responding, treating, and ending humanitarian crises.

  • Technology Driven Implementation

    JHAS’ daily work is driven by our use of technology in every aspect of our work.

  • Implement the SDG's

    JHAS believe in the importance of building sustainability in the health sector in every aspect of our medical practice

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JHASi Vision

Providing all people, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, religions, or origins, equal access to basic health services. We are a bridge between international organizations, governments, NGO’s, and the local health sector, and support the regional transition towards sustainability in the public health sector.

We implement our vision for a better life for all peoples across MENA, with trusted partners, through building health sector capacity by offering cost effective programs for all, and in particular women, children, and vulnerable population.



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