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Jordan Health Aid Society- international (JHASi) is a non-governmental and a non-profit organization founded in 2005 in Jordan.

It was established to ensure resilience and development of communities through utilizing its capacity in health as an access to reach

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vulnerable groups where needed. JHASi

provides services to all communities regardless of nationality, ethnicity, gender and religion.

JHASi develops a direction for its future which articulates around its vision and mission, goals and interventions. JHASi’s strategy is formulated within the theory of social change where resources are utilized to this overall direction and purpose. In addition, JHASi adopts mechanisms that promote the sustainability of itself and projects
implemented. JHASi has collaborated with different international and local organizations in Jordan and the MENA region including UN and INGOs
with a mission of engaging in immediate response with an existence as regional humanitarian relief organization.

Over 16 years of commitment, JHASi -in partnership with different organizations- has implemented projects in different sectors

that constitute of health, shelter, protection, nutrition, water sanitation hygiene and food programs. JHASi’s long term investments in Jordan is mainly in supporting young men and women entrepreneurships and
stability of their economy and livelihood.

JHASi acts as a think tank for sharing knowledge, information and expertise through providing on ground assistance with fellow organizations to ensure access to support.

We implement our vision for a better life for all peoples across MENA, with trusted partners, through building he

alth sector capacity by offering cost effective programs for all, and in particular women, children, and vulnerable population.

Established: under the decree of the Ministry of Interiors “Number 37903/43699/5-30” on the 20th of July 2005