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JHAS Medical Team in Gaza
  • January 31, 2024

JHAS Mobilizes Aid for Critical Medical Needs in Gaza Crisis

Jordan Health Aid Society International (JHASI) is actively responding to the urgent healthcare crisis in Gaza, where thousands of injured individuals require immediate medical attention. The escalation of injuries, including complex trauma cases, has overwhelmed the local medical facilities, which are struggling to cope with the high demand and limited resources.

JHASI has deployed expert medical teams to provide essential care and bridge the gap in Gaza’s healthcare capabilities. These teams are focused on treating severe and complicated injuries, many of which are beyond the scope of the current medical infrastructure in Gaza. “Our mission is to ensure that every injured person receives the necessary medical care, especially those with critical conditions,” stated a JHAS representative.

The situation in Gaza remains dire, with a significant number of the population, including vulnerable groups like children and the elderly, affected.