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Working Areas

JHASi is UNHCR main partner in implementing health programs in Jordan for refugees from all nationalities;
Urban and Camp Setting

    1. Primary Health Care
      • Provision of primary health care consultations to vulnerable persons of concern by JHAS static clinics.
      • Provision of antenatal care
      • Provisions of specialized health care to chronic conditions.
      • Health education session for individual and groups.
      • Family planning.
      • Child growth monitoring.
      • Vaccination and immunization monitoring.
      • Free distribution of micro nutrients supplements.
      • Reproductive health education.
      • Obs/Gyn. Consultations.
      • Free needed basic Lab tests.
    1. Secondary Health Care
      • With an agreement signed with the Ministry of Health hospitals throughout Jordan, JHASi has access to secondary health care services to patients referred from the static clinics according to UNHCR health guidelines.
    1. Tertiary Health care
      • JHASi staff have been trained on certain guidelines on how to deal with emergency cases; medically and financially. Consequently JHASi submits all cases referred for Tertiary health care to UNCHR to be reviewed by the exceptional care committee on monthly basis.
    1. Mobile Medical Unit (MMU)
      • Currently, JHAS has one medical mobile clinic under UNHCR aiming to providing a primary health services to persons of concern in remote area with no access to public health services.

JHASi arranged for more than 500 free medical days all over the kingdom to provide primary health care services to persons in need.

JHASi has implemented various programs non-health related

  • Shelter
    • With UNHCR 2015
    • With Johanniter 2013
  • Non-Food Items
    • With Johanniter 2014