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JHASi peruse to engage in immediate response with an existence as regional humanitarian relief organization in the MENA region. Furthermore, JHAS is looking for occupying a position of international humanitarian architecture, JHAS prospected integrated existence in MENA region is a greater focus on collaboration and coordination with various International Non Governmental Organization including varied UN Agencies to extend JHAS’s reach and routes to affected nations & locations.



As an organization, we divide our work into 7 core Mandates


Mandate I

Beginning in 2005, JHAS has been on the front lines of responding to various emergencies across the MENA region. Utilizing our logistical capabilities as well as our highly motivated staff, JHAS has been able to move quickly to meet the needs of people most in need of humanitarian aid

Through our various clinics, and in particular, our partnership with Polish Aid, we have conducted hundreds of trainings of various NGO’s, individuals, and governments seeking to work in the field on the refugee crisis. While we specialize in health care delivery, we also frequently train on NGO management, cultural sensitivity in refugee camps, and other areas of concern for organizations seeking to assist.