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Adopting Social Distancing in JHASi Clinics

During the Covid-19 pandemic, social distancing is a major preventive and protective tool for the entire society. Therefore, physical distancing must be ensured at the minimum of 1.5 to 2 meters. Furthermore, hand washing, wearing masks and gloves and physical spacing are effective methods to protect everyone.

Evaluating field implementations, applied protecting mechanisms are widely accepted by the society. Most people perceive the distancing as a tool for social cohesion. “When I protect myself and my community, this is how I keep my family and the community safe” Alia said.

Through different media and field campaigns volunteers and NGOs raise public awareness to implement protective principles. Jordan Health Aid society international (JHASi) contributes to the new COVID-19 culture by changing the design and workflow in clinics and waiting areas accordingly. The increased demand of spacious facilities and Personal Protective Materials for medical staff will greatly increase future field investments and will, hence, add pressure to all supporters and service providers.