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  • January 11, 2024

Gaza Strip Crisis: Healthcare Collapse

The Gaza Strip is currently enduring a severe humanitarian crisis, as detailed in the most recent Emergency Situation Update. The strip is grappling with a series of profound challenges that have resulted in a dire situation for its residents. The ongoing hostilities have led to a staggering number of casualties with more that 23,000 fatalities, the majority being women and children, and more than 59,000 injuries. Additionally, an alarming 7,780 individuals are reported as missing or are still under the rubble.

The healthcare system in Gaza is collapsing, with only 42% of hospitals partially operational and an overwhelming bed occupancy rate of 351%. This healthcare crisis is further exacerbated by a critical shortage of essential medical supplies, and a lack of basic utilities like electricity, water, and food. The sanitation and water crisis poses another grave concern, with approximately 1.93 million internally displaced persons having no access to clean water, heightening the risk of disease outbreaks. In fact, the strip is already witnessing a surge in communicable diseases, with over 213,086 cases of acute respiratory infections and 152,734 cases of diarrhea reported, affecting predominantly children under five years old.