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COVID-19 Response, Triage Stations

Since the first case of Covid-19 was confirmed in Jordan, Jordan Health Aid Society international (JHASi) has worked on the ground in coordination with the local authorities and the international community to support the national vision for the disease control.

Benefitting from the global lessons learned, shared online and on the media, the need for a triage tent system in Amman, Zarqa and Irbid was proposed, and the decision was taken. Fully equipped wide tents were installed in three different sites where 80% of Jordan’s population resides. Each tent included around 8 fully equipped clinics and the installed electronic system allowed connecting the tents to the other hospital facilities.

Further, all triage staff was equipped with necessary Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). To enable all front liners to protect themselves, their patients and the medical facilities from disease spread, all staff was trained jointly by experts from public and private health facilities.

Through enlarging capacities of waiting areas in the tents, the principle of physical distancing was applied to the cold cases in the hospitals. As patients are primarily diagnosed and initially treated in the tents in front of the emergency departments, the emergency unit solely referred to critical cases. To guarantee the best protection of staff and patients, locally manufactured disinfecting gates were installed at the entry of all hospitals and a team was assigned to disinfect the ambulances and equipment.

Currently, the situation in Jordan has improved as new cases are solely reported from outside of Jordan while internally no newly discovered cases are reported.